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Who we are.

CEAUL/ULICES and Research Group 2 – English Culture Studies

As the only research unit in Portugal entirely devoted to a (multi)disciplinary approach in the academic field of English Studies, ULICES is intent in developing a fundamental and applied academic research project, by bringing together groups of researchers (6 RGs – Research Groups) dedicated to single and multidisciplinary lines of research in the fields of literature, culture and linguistics within the English-speaking world. This is further complemented by translation and reception studies, paying close attention to the connections between Portuguese culture and English-speaking cultures, as well as by interart / inter-medial studies and, more recently, Medical Humanities.

Research Group 2 specializes in English Studies with an emphasis on a cultural approach developed in the Department of English of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon during the last two decades of the 20th century. From 2000 onwards, the team never lost sight of a broad concept of culture studies, associated with the relationship between literary research and the history of ideas, in the context of social and intellectual history and it has kept permanent track of new directions including cultural studies, as an interdisciplinary field. In addition, emphasis has been laid on a methodical exploration of philosophical and educational paradigms, mainly in the modern and contemporary periods. It has produced new results in the study of English culture, by working on essays, prose fiction, poetry and the visual arts, and by bringing together the specialized interests of each researcher into a common project.

The interdisciplinary character of “Culture Studies” favours a variety of approaches and a wide choice of subject matters; both circumstances might bring about a dispersive production of initiatives and publications. Nevertheless, by focusing explicitly in the relational character of English speaking cultures and in the underlying workings of the production, circulation and reception of cultural discourses, we ensure the coherence of the main lines of research and believe that we are producing innovative and relevant analysis and findings. Three main lines of research are currently in progress and will continue to operate in 2014: Empires and migrations; New Victorianism; Libraries and canon formation.

The activities of the group gather a large number of researchers from other Portuguese universities who are working, in their separate institutions, on the same lines. One of the objectives of our activity is the dissemination of culture studies, and the researchers have participated in a considerable number of juries for master and doctoral degrees at other universities, as their work is seen as a reference in the field, in Portugal.

By promoting international conferences, and by participating, as individual experts, in a number of international scientific events, both in Portugal and abroad, the researchers contribute to the dialogue between different methods of cultural analysis, as well as to the dissemination of their specific fields of interest.


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